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WILL - TV Worth Blogging - March 20, 2013

Market Warriors Cancelled

The auction house is closed.

An attempt to create another signature PBS series fizzles out after a 20-episode run.

by David Thiel

The cast of "Market Warriors."

Market Warriors seemed to have the makings of a hit TV show. From the producers of the American version of Antiques Roadshow--for many years, PBS' most popular series--Warriors had a telegenic cast, a solid premise and a plum, post-Roadshow timeslot. Unfortunately, it never caught on the way that any of us hoped.

I've known about this since last week, but an article published Saturday in the public broadcasting industry newspaper Current made it official: Market Warriors will not see a second season. PBS has declined to produce any more episodes past the initial order of twenty.

WILL - TV Worth Blogging - March 19, 2013

Britcom Icon Dies

Another "Are You Being Served?" actor has died.

Frank Thornton passed away in his sleep last Saturday at age 92.

by David Thiel

Captain Peacock looks disapprovingly at Mrs. Slocombe.

While Frank Thornton spent many years gamboling in and around Holmfirth as Truly in Last of the Summer Wine, he is perhaps best known to most WILL-TV viewers as stuffy Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served? and its sequel Grace & Favour (aka Are You Being Served? Again!). 

According to a BBC News report, Thornton died peacefully in his sleep at his London home. He isis survived by Beryl, his wife of 67 years, their daughter Jane and three grandchildren.

Thornton's passing means that the sole remaining main cast member from Are You Being Served? is actor Nicholas Smith, who portrayed Mr. Rumbold. Smith, who turned 79 earlier this month, visited WILL-TV in September 2009.