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WILL - TV Worth Blogging - April 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Only 25 years? Feels like a quarter-century!

Sharing memories on the occasion of my silver anniversary at WILL.

by David Thiel

Paula Gray Havlik sits with David Thiel, who is dressed in a furry blue monster suit, on a replica of the Sesame Street steps.

It was 25 years ago today (April 21) that I joined the WILL team. So much has changed since then...for me, for WILL, for the broadcast industry. It's my anniversary, and since there's unlikely to be cake, please indulge me in a look back!

WILL - TV Worth Blogging - April 15, 2014

When “PBS” Isn’t PBS (Part 2)

Station misidentification.

Inaccurate attribution creates false perceptions about public TV.

by David Thiel

PBS logo partially covered by other public television organization logos.

Previously I wrote about how people misuse “PBS” and “public television” as interchangeable terms. Most of the time it’s a form of shorthand, or perhaps a misunderstanding of the crazy quilt of stations, producers and distributors that make up the U.S. public television industry. Sometimes, I suspect, it’s done on purpose by those with an agenda to pursue.