We Are ...

welcome to Monticello sign
Monticello house and garden
Sunken Garden at Allerton Park, Monticello
Monticello Courthouse
Monticello train depot
Monticello farmers market
Monticello horse statue
Monticello library
Monticello library

About the Project

Discover the people and places of central Illinois through the lenses of local residents.

We are... features stories about the highlights and heritage of local communities, told by local residents. Participants use their video cameras to show the personalities and places that make their town special.

WILL-TV will facilitate the process by editing the stories together into a program. Video and narration are created by the residents themselves.

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We Are...Monticello

We Are Monticello logo

WILL-TV is excited to feature Monticello in the inaugural program for the “We Are … Project” this fall.

Starting in July of 2013, we worked collaboratively with local residents in Monticello to tell the town’s story on WILL-TV. We invited people from Monticello to film video, pitch stories and be storytellers in casual, on-camera interviews about the footage they gathered.

The program was a smashing success, and we can’t wait to visit the next town to be featured as a part of the “We Are..” project soon! Find out more about “We Are … Monticello” at the link below.