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The 21st Show - May 08, 2018

Starved Rock State Park Faces Overcrowding Challenges

Illinois’s Starved Rock State Park has seen record numbers of visitors in the past few years, with more than 2.8 million people visiting in 2017. It has gotten so popular that maintaining the park has become extremely challenging.

Protestors of the new abortion law

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The 21st Show - May 08, 2018

Iowa’s New Abortion Law; Why Starved Rock Is Getting Crowded; Illinois Outdoor Destinations

On The 21st: The most restrictive abortion bill in the nation has become law in neighboring Iowa. What does it actually do, and how does it affect women in both Iowa and Illinois? Plus, Starved Rock State Park is getting more regular visitors than even some national parks—and resources to maintain the park are getting stretched thin. And, we'll give you some recommendations for getting outside and enjoying the warm weather.

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The 21st Show - May 07, 2018

Level I Trauma Centers; Illinois Politics Update; Getting Rid Of Stormwater

On The 21st: Why Level I Trauma Centers—which treat traumatic injuries including gunshot wounds—can be hard to come by, depending on where you live in Illinois. Plus, what's behind the sudden political debate about whether to change our state's flat income tax? And, what University of Illinois students are doing to address the problem of stormwater pollution.

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The 21st Show - May 02, 2018

Small Pharmacies Hit By Medicaid Cuts; Solitary Confinement; Illinois’ Endangered Places

On The 21st: We discuss legislation to reduce the use of solitary confinement in federal prisons. Also, Landmarks Illinois has just released its annual list of the historic places in Illinois that are most at risk of demolition, deterioration or development. But first, how recent cuts in state Medicaid drug reimbursements could have serious business consequences for independent pharmacies. 

Cairo residents

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The 21st Show - May 01, 2018

Public Housing In Southern Illinois; State Lottery Prizes; Distracted Driving; NWS Wildfire Update

On the 21st: The closing of several public housing units in southern Illinois, leaving many residents without homes. Also, buying lottery games that actually have no top prizes. And a new measure is being passed to enact stricter penalties for distracted driving. Plus, there is a risk of wildfires because of the dry weather, according to the National Weather Service.

Gun rally in Illinois

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The 21st Show - April 26, 2018

State And Local Gun Laws; Continuous Struggle Of Public Universities; McDonald’s New Headquarters

On the 21st: Today, we hear two sides on the gun laws debate, one from Effingham State's Attorney, and the other from the Mayor of Highland Park. Then, a discussion on the constant struggle public universities have been facing in regards to funding and student enrollment. Also, a look into the international menu that will be available at McDonald's new global headquarters in Chicago. 

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The 21st Show - April 24, 2018

Getting Books To Illinois Prisons; Virtual Medical Interpreters; Chicago’s Gang Database

On The 21st: New technology is bringing interpreters directly to patients to help with their medical needs. And, ProPublica Illinois reporter Mick Dumke talks to us about Chicago's problematic "gang database." But first, the state of Illinois spent less than $300 on books throughout all state prisons for the entirety of 2017. What's behind this lack of funding and how is it affecting prisoners?

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The 21st Show - April 23, 2018

Student Walkouts; Science And Business At Argonne; Back Pay For State Employees; Illinois Politics

On The 21st: Chain Reaction Innovations at Argonne National Laboratory is one of only three incubators in the country embedded at a national lab. How are they combining groundbreaking science with the business side of things? Also, Illinois owes more than $63 million in back pay to 24,000 public employees. A new bill would finally get these workers what they're owed. But first, we speak to the ACLU about a letter they sent to Hononegah High School regarding school gun control walkouts. 

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The 21st Show - April 20, 2018

Eliminating Golden Parachutes in Illinois; Children’s Author M.J. Mouton; Illinois Budget

On The 21st: We speak to children's author M.J. Mouton about his book, Richie Doodles: The Brilliance of a Young Richard Feynman. And, will Illinois be able to pass a budget this time around? But first, why do some public figures in Illinois get six figure severance packages after leaving under cloudy circumstances? A new Senate bill could limit so called golden parachutes. 

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