"And Yet My Mask Is Powerful," installation at Krannert Art Museum

Courtesy of the artists

The 21st Show - April 06, 2018

‘And Yet My Mask Is Powerful’; How To Preserve Your Family Heirlooms

On The 21st: Palestinian artists Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme's latest body of work, 'And Yet My Mask Is Powerful,' which is currently on display at the Krannert Art Museum. But first, if you've ever wanted to know how to properly preserve your family heirlooms, Christa Deacy-Quinn and Jennifer Hain-Teper have got you covered.

Opioid newborns, LaTanya Halliburton

Manuel Martinez/Crain's Business Chicago

The 21st Show - April 05, 2018

Opioid Crisis For Newborns; China Tariffs And Illinois Farmers; DILL And Local Magazines

On the 21st: Today we discussed the opioid epidemic affecting many newborn babies, who are born suffering withdrawal symptoms. Then, the recent tariffs placed on U.S. products by China and its implications for Illinois agriculture, such as soybeans and pork. Plus, the Dill Magazine and the potential of a continued interest in print publications. 

Poverty Simulation

Lee V. Gaines/Illinois Newsroom

The 21st Show - April 03, 2018

Do ‘Poverty Simulations’ Build Empathy?; Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners; ‘TerraSentia’ Robot

On The 21st: 'Poverty simulations' are intended to build empathy for people living paycheck to paycheck. Do they actually work? Plus, a tragically small number of nurses have recieved the specialized training necessary to fully assist survivors of sexual assault. And, a new robot developed by U of I engineers could go a long way towards helping farmers do their work.

David J. Phillip/AP

The 21st Show - April 02, 2018

Loyola’s Final Four Run Ends; The Game Of Change; Illinois Politics Update

On The 21st: Loyola University's men's basketball team busted brackets this year when they advanced to the Final Four. We talk Loyola and tonight's championship game with WBEZ's Cheryl Raye Stout. Plus, back in 1963, Loyola Chicago made history when they started four black players against an all-white Mississippi State team. We hear from one of the players who was on that team. And, we'll bring you the latest in state politics.

Kerry Weber/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The 21st Show - March 30, 2018

Fr. James Martin On Standing With The Marginalized; Poet Daniel Borzutzky

On The 21st: Jesuit priest, best-selling author, and America Media editor-at-large Fr. James Martin joins us to talk about his book that highlights the importance of welcoming LGBT people into the Catholic Church. Plus, we revisit our conversation with Chicago poet Daniel Borzutzky.

Census Bureau forms

Ross D. Franklin/AP

The 21st Show - March 29, 2018

The 2020 Citizenship Census Question; Toys ‘R’ Us Closures; Virgil Abloh; Zoo Inclusion Initiatives

On the 21st: Citizenship questions on the U.S. Census Bureau may affect population counts in 2020. Plus, Toys R Us to close all stores, ending a brand that has been around for decades. Also, maybe Rockford, Illinois can considered a fashion hub as the home of the new artistic director for Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh. And, the Brookfield Zoo is creating a new sensory-friendly room.

John Amis/AP

The 21st Show - March 28, 2018

The Evolution of CSAs; Deported US Military Veterans; Golden Apple-Winning Teachers

On The 21st: We hear the story of Miguel Perez Jr., a green card holder who served in Afghanistan—and was deported a few days ago for a felony conviction. And, we speak with three of the Illinois 2018 Golden Apple award winners. But first, how are community supported agriculture groups, or CSAs, evolving to survive the competitive food environment?

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

The 21st Show - March 27, 2018

Facebook Privacy Concerns; O’Hare Expansion; Congressman Rodney Davis

On The 21st: Facebook is facing scrutiny after accusations that British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica used private data from people’s accounts to create political ads. We talk data breach, Facebook and social media. Also, new plans are in the works for an O'Hare overhaul. What's in store? And, we spoke with Republican Congressman Rodney Davis about taxes, gun control and his upcoming general election campaign against Democrat Betsy Dirksen Londrigan.

Andrew Harnik/AP

The 21st Show - March 26, 2018

How Racism Affects The Health Of Black Youth; Wakanda, Africa or Wauconda…Illinois

On The 21st: We talk to Dr. Enrique Neblett about how racism affects the mental and physical health of black youth. Plus, the movie Black Panther has blown up and people around the country are shouting, Wakanda forever! Here in Illinois we have our very own version of Wakanda - Wauconda, Illinois where there have been some funny incidents related to the film. 

Libby Foster/Illinois Public Media

The 21st Show - March 23, 2018

Future of Artificial Intelligence; Mindfulness In Schools; Teaching The Trail Of Tears

On this special encore edition of The 21st: How are schools looking at mindfulness and meditation to help students succeed? Plus, we'll learn how local educators in southern Illinois are teaching the Trail of Tears, which ran through that part of the state. But first, we talk to Microsoft director Eric Horvitz about the future of artificial intelligence.

Teresa Crawford/AP

The 21st Show - March 22, 2018

Illinois Men Charged With Bombing Mosque; Spring Gardening; Chicago Tribune Layoffs

On The 21st: NPR's David Folkenflik tells us about the Chicago Tribune's most recent round of layoffs, and tells us about some of the turmoil within the company that owns it. Plus, now that spring has officially sprung, we dig into some gardening tips for experts and novices alike. But first, three Illinois men have been charged with detonating a pipe-bomb in a Minnesota mosque last summer.

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