Who’s Who at The 21st


Niala Boodhoo, Host/Executive Producer

Niala Boodhoo

Niala Boodhoo is the Startup Host/Executive Producer. She’s been a journalist since 2000 for The Miami Herald, Reuters in London and Washington, DC and The Associated Press in Miami. Niala got her start in public media in 2008 at WLRN, where she launched The Miami Herald Friday Business Report. Most recently, she hosted The Afternoon Shift, a two-hour, local weekday show on WBEZ/Chicago Public Media. She bakes a serious rum cake.


Scott Cameron, Executive Editor

Scott Cameron

Scott Cameron brings two decades of news and talk radio experience to The 21st, including seven years as Senior Editor at NPR’s Talk of the Nation and another eight years producing programs for WGN Radio in Chicago. His job on The 21st is to help create a new kind of show for Illinois that connects with and gives voice to the diverse ideas and topics affecting people across the state. Over the years, Cameron has also worked as a producer, reporter, editor and music radio DJ. 


Alan Montecillo, Senior Producer

Alan Montecillo

Alan Montecillo came to The 21st from Portland, Oregon, where he was the founding producer of Racist Sandwich, a podcast about food, race, class, and gender. Before that, he worked at Think Out Loud, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s daily news talk show. Alan also hosts a podcast about Filipino-American stories called Balikbayan.


Robin Linn, Producer

Robin Linn

Robin Linn is a freelance producer, editor and writer. You can find her at Earwolf's Obscure, PRX's How to Be Amazing, Chicago Magazine and of course The 21st. She also served as a producer for NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and Sound Opinions. She lives in Evanston with her husband and two kids. She tweets mostly about TV at @robnlnn.


Libby Foster, Producer

Libby Foster

Libby Foster came to The 21st after graduating from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before that she worked for WEFT Community Radio in Champaign. Libby also spent time producing for Radio Health Journal, a weekly health and science program that broadcasts nationwide. She’s originally from Oak Park, Illinois.


Steve Morck, Digital Media Associate Producer

Steve Morck

Steve Morck is the resident utility man for The 21st and WILL, filling in wherever needed with everything from engineering to producing. He came to WILL from commercial radio after graduating from Eastern Illinois University in 2013. He is also a huge sports fan and the lone White Sox fan in the building.


Jason Croft, Technical Director

Jason Croft

Jason Croft is a twenty-year veteran of public radio. Besides being the engineer of The 21st, he is also the Production Manager at Illinois Public Media, weekend on-air host, and general Jack-Of-All-Trades. From 1999-2010 he was the host and producer of WILL’s program Sidetrack. He is also involved with Champaign’s community radio station WEFT where he does a weekly lounge and Rat Pack-era music program.