Afternoon Magazine Archives - March 07, 2013

Yvette Johnson-Walker on Animal-Born Viruses

Since the movie Contagion, I've been terrified about the idea of viruses jumping from animals to people. As Yvette Johnson-Walker tells us, it's already happening. She talks about two diseases that have become common in household pets in Illinois - tularemia and Rocky Moutain spotted fever. Dr. Johnson-Walker is speaking on a panel about global health tonight at the U of I veteranary school.

Afternoon Magazine Archives - May 18, 2012

Shedd Sleepover, Sleeping with the Fishes

Kenneth Ramirez, Executive Vice President of Animal Care and Training, John G. Shedd Acquarium

In wake of the NATO summit in Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium will be closed Saturday through Monday. Veterinarians and other key staff are worried about the well-being of animals housed there. So, they’re locking themselves inside the aquarium. Illinois Public Media’s Craig Cohen talks with one of those staffers.

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