Afternoon Magazine Archives - April 11, 2013

Thomas Burrell on Racism

Thomas Burrell is the founder and former CEO of Burrell Communications, an advertising agency based in Chicago that is one of the largest multi-cultural marketing firms in the world.  Among his many honors, Burrell has been inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame and has been named as one of the most influential black businessmen of the past 40 years by Black Enterprise Magazine. He argues that the longest-running and most successful advertising campaign of all time has functioned to marginalize black America. He’s author of the book “Brainwashed, Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority.” In it, he argues that we are not living in a post-racial era but one that makes it harder to talk about race than ever before.

Afternoon Magazine Archives - July 23, 2012

Race and the American Media

Joseph Torres, Senior External Affairs Director, Free Press; co-author, News for All The People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media

When we think about the history of media in America, it’s easy to think of it in terms of technology – from the rise of newspapers to radio to television to the Internet and beyond. Or you could look at media as a vehicle for reflecting and even contributing to social change – from Colonial-era newspapers encouraging the American Revolution to TV cameras bringing the civil rights movement into 1960s-era living rooms. But there are other ways to examine media in America. Joseph Torres, along with co-author Juan Gonzalez, recently placed the history of media under a different sort of prism – that of race. In their book News for All The People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media, Torres and Gonzalez explore how America’s racial divisions have played a major role in the development of our media system. Joseph Torres will appear at this week's Grassroots Radio Conference in Champaign/Urbana.

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