Afternoon Magazine Archives - March 18, 2013

Stephanie Mencimer on the Online Gun Market

While the debate over guns has largely broken down to "more regulation" vs. "better enforcement," few are talking about one of the biggest issues surrounding firearms in America--the gray market of online gun sales. Websites like Armslist have created a market where guns are available without background checks. It's believed that over 40 percent of gun sales in the US are now facilitated online. Stephanie Mencimer, a reporter for Mother Jones, has written about Armslist, and covered one shooting death in Illinois, where a woman was gunned down by a weapon purchased in Washington state. Mencimer joins us to discuss the case, and whether stricter laws can be effective.

Afternoon Magazine Archives - February 21, 2013

The Future of Conceal and Carry

As of right now, Illinois is the only state in America without a law regulating concealed firearms. Last year, the state tried to ban so-called 'conceal and carry,' but the Supreme Court judged the law unconstitutional, and ruled that Illinois had to pass a law, any law, on concealed firearms within 180 days. With the three months almost up, Attorney General Lisa Madigan is asking for more time. Law professor Brannon Denning - once of Southern Illinois University, now at the law school at Samford University in Alabama - explains why a law is necessary. Without one, concealed weapons in Illinois will be totally legal.

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