Afternoon Magazine Archives - May 03, 2013

Nick Offerman on Parks & Rec and Woodworking

Nick Offerman has made a very unique career for himself. He graduated from the University of Illinois theater program, and bounced around for a bit, getting small roles in TV shows like Deadwood and Gilmore Girls. That's before he got the role of a lifetime, as Ron Swanson on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. It's a tough role to make likeable - he's laconic, and a curmedgeon, and, even though he works for the government, he's also an outspoken libertarian. But Offerman's performance is one of the most appealing on TV, and the character's Swanologues have become legendary. With Parks and Rec wrapping up it's fifth season, Offerman is making a rare film appearance in a new movie called Somebody Up There Likes Me, which is now available through VOD.

Afternoon Magazine Archives - March 12, 2013

Community Cinema - Wonder Women

At this month's community cinema screening in Champaign, we'll be showing Wonder Women, a documentary about the creation of America's first female superhero and her evolution into a feminist icon. Henry Radcliffe joined us to discuss the film, which is screening at the Champaign Public Library on Tuesday at 6pm.

Afternoon Magazine Archives - October 08, 2012

As Goes Janesville

Henry Radcliffe, Community Engagement Producer, WILL
Tom Carrino, Economic Development Manager, City of Urbana
Guest Host: Craig Cohen

In 2008, as the nation’s economy was in freefall, the downturn was especially hard on the community of Janesville, Wisconsin. That year, a century-old General Motors plant closed. For the workers that were laid off, that meant seeking new employment in a decidedly difficult economic environment. The next three years in the lives of residents in Janesville are chronicled in a film entitled As Goes Janesville – it premieres on Independent Lens tonight at 9 on WILL-TV. Then, tomorrow night, the film will be screened again as part of WILL’s Community Cinema series at 6 P-M at the Champaign Public Library. We'll talk with two people involved in that screening and discussion.

Afternoon Magazine Archives - May 31, 2012

Art Theater Co-op

Sanford Hess, Owner, Art Theater, Champaign
Ben Galewsky, Chairman, Common Ground Co-op

Illinois Public Media's Craig Cohen talks with Sanford Hess and Ben Galewsky about efforts to establish a community co-op, to share ownership and provide the capital needed to purchase digital projection equipment for Champaign's Art Theater. This interview was recorded on May 17, 2012.

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