Backyard Industry - February 24, 2011

Sun and Surf—Is there any produce on this Turf?

Every year, Lisa and her family trek down to her childhood home, Florida, to get some respite from February in Illinois. One of the things she missed most about her current home was the food. She tells us why in this installment of In My Backyard.

Backyard Industry - February 10, 2011

Trading Supreme Chantenay for Amsterdam Forcing

It's time to stop talking and start swapping - seeds, that is. Find out how the Block By Block Cooperation's Third Annual Seed Swap in Urbana a couple of weeks ago helped Lisa and  about 50 other people get ready for the rapidly-approaching gardening season.

Backyard Industry - February 03, 2011

Sappy February, Everyone

February is the longest shortest month, full of bad weather and seemingly devoid of any meaningful outdoor work. That is, it was... until one of Lisa's neighbors convinced the others to work together to tap into a precious local resource.