Three chickens foraging in grass.

Lisa Bralts

Backyard Industry - October 25, 2012

Chicken Wranglers, Urban Style

Two and a half years ago, one of the first In My Backyard pieces was about keeping chickens in the city. WILL’s Lisa Bralts follows up with both new and, uh, seasoned chicken owners, and learns what happens when girl chickens crow (they don’t), that raccoons and possums aren’t chickens’ only potential enemies, and that people give their chickens really strange names.

An array of hot peppers on a towel.

Lisa Bralts

Backyard Industry - October 11, 2012

Zesty Peppers

In this episode of In My Backyard, Lisa Bralts gets a taste of what some say is the BEST hot pepper in the world…and it’s locally grown.

Jars of tomatoes on a shelf.

Lisa Bralts

Backyard Industry - October 04, 2012

What’s An Aigre-Doux?

We’re lucky indeed here in central Illinois - our local specialty crop farmers grow gorgeous produce that lends itself for preservation so we can enjoy it year-round. In this episode of In My Backyard, Lisa Bralts talks pickles, preserves, and aigre-doux with Vie Restaurant’s Paul Virant - also known as "The Jarring Chef".