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Education Blog - March 01, 2017

I am Woman-Hear Me Roar!

The Women’s Marches of 2017 may have been the largest demonstration in US history.  There were over 200 international Women’s Marches across the globe as well. As this is a very interesting time for women around the world, it is only fitting that we take a moment and celebrate National Women’s History Month.

Young girl completing a math problem on a chalkboard

A.P. Johnson

Education Blog - February 22, 2017

Math Play Goes a Long Way

A new and upcoming educational trend, Math Circles, is helping teachers collaborate and work on fun, challenging math alongside research mathematicians to bring creativity and discovery learning to classrooms.

Shadow figure of African-American with afro

Flickr: Silver Shine

Education Blog - February 08, 2017

Shows you do not want to Miss for Black History Month!

At WILL-TV, we will air a wide variety of Black History Month programing ranging from seasonal series like Mercy Street to entertainment honors like the Smokey Robinson special. Be sure to tune in and help us celebrate Black History Month!

Picture of three African-American women walking in front of a rocket blasting off as they enter a NASA facility

Education Blog - January 11, 2017

Making Hidden Figures Visible: Learning more about the African-American women of NASA

This past weekend, the movie Hidden Figures debuted at the number one spot. This movie highlights the untold story of three African- American women who worked for NASA and the major role each played in the space missions of the late 1960’s. PBS Learning Media has a vast amount of educational resources that can be used to enhance your understanding of the missions and explorations highlighted in this film as well as share the story of a few female African- American scientists and engineers who work for NASA today.

2017, Happy New Year with gold fireworks

Education Blog - January 04, 2017

Taking the “I” Out of Our New Year’s Resolutions

It is not uncommon to make new year’s resolutions focusing on how we can better ourselves. Instead of focusing on ourselves this year, let’s focus on how we can teach our students to think of others for 2017.  PBS Learning Media has content that focuses on making resolutions that not only improve oneself, but also helps others.

Painting of Santa flying in his sleigh with reindeer at night

Education Blog - December 16, 2016

The Winter Holiday Season is Upon Us!

When you think about the winter holiday season, what comes to your mind? Today’s blog is full of helpful tips and clips that may guide your discussions and activities over the winter holiday season. 

Dave Heninzel

Education Blog - December 07, 2016

Illinois Remembers Patrick Dolan

There are many factors that play into a student’s academic success. One thing that has been linked to student academic success is how well teacher’s unions and the district administration are able to work together. Rutgers University's Saul Rubinstein and John McCarthy conducted a study on how working together improves student achievement.  When some people from Illinois begin to talk about school districts and labor unions; the name Patrick Dolan comes to the forefront of these discussions.  Mr. Dolan recently passed away and NPR Illinois reflected on his work. 

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