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We’ve been saying it for years, but we felt it was finally time to make it official – the Friends of WILL are true superheroes of public media! Each of you has a vital role to play in keeping public media a central part of our community. So it is our great pleasure to introduce you to the Fantastic Friends of WILL.

The Fantastic Friends believe in the power of public media! Not only do they financially support it, they know the world is a better place when public media is thriving in local communities, just like ours.

All through the month of September, we want to celebrate the great things our Fantastic Friends provide for our community through their generous support. And, of course, there can never be too many Fantastic Friends, so if you would like to support the wonderful things public media does, you can join the fight here.

Which of the Fantastic Friends are you? Take our SUPER quiz today, and then let the world know which Fantastic Friend YOU are using #WILLFantasticFriends on your favorite social media platform. Who knows, we just might share it! 

Meet Jillian Nickell, the talented local artist behind the Fantastic Friends illustrations.


Which Fantastic Friend are YOU?


Meet Jillian Nickell

Meet Jillian Nickell, the local illustrator behind the Fantastic Friends of WILL. Growing up on a farm in central Illinois is where her love for birds, in particular chickens, was born. She enjoys drawing SUPER cool things and screen printing her art. You can explore more of her work on her website, and follow her art on Facebook and Instagram.