Focus - August 17, 1988

Reunion: A Memoir

In his memoir Reunion, Tom Hayden writes of his involvement in student movements, his visits to Hanoi, and the events of the 1968 Democratic convention, describes his personal life, and reaffirms his commitment to dissent. In the 1960s helped found the Students for a Democratic Society and authored its founding document, the Port Huron Statement. Later in life Hayden entered politics as a legislator in the California Assembly and the California Senate. 

Focus - August 15, 1988

Coming of Age in the Milky Way

Guest: Timothy Ferris.

Some of the most iconic scientific figures in history have directly built on and influenced our understanding of astronomy. Today on Focus, we're joined by Timothy Ferris, author of the recent book Coming of Age in the Milky Way. He's researched a number of brilliant scientists who struggled against political and religious forces in their studies of the universe. He'll talk about the history of astronomy and more on the show.