Focus - January 31, 2001

University/Corporate Relations and their Effect on Biotechnology Research

Guest: Michael Hansen.

Today on Focus we'll look at the ways in which relations between corporations and universities have affected biotechnology research. The increasing attention paid to profitability in academic work, says Michael Hanson, has driven research in directions with high expected returns—and led it away from areas that might contribute to the greater good. He joins us today to explain how biotechnology has developed an emphasis on genetic engineering—profit—over agricultural ecology.

Focus - January 30, 2001

Diet and Nutrition

with Clare Hassler, Director, Functional Foods for Health Program, University of Illinois

Focus - January 26, 2001

Utility Deregulation in Illinois

with George Gross, Professor in the Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois

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