Focus - October 31, 2006

Current Events In Turkey

With Birol Yesiloda (Professor of Political Science and International Studies and the Turkish Studies Chair at Portland State University)

Focus - October 31, 2006

Talk to the Candidate

With Tom Abram (Green Party Candidate for Representative in the Illinois General Assembly from the 103rd State Legislative District)

Focus - October 30, 2006

Talk To The Candidate

With Judy Myers (Republican Candidate for the Illinois Senate from the 52nd State Legislative District)

Focus - October 27, 2006

Talk To The Candidate

With Rex A. Bradfield (Republican Candidate for the Illinois House of Representatives 103rd Congressional District)

Focus - October 24, 2006

The Immortal Game

Guest: David Shenk.

Almost everyone has played chess at least once in their lives. It has influenced fields from artificial intelligence to military strategy to literature. Today on Focus, we talk to writer David Shenk about the game that has been embraced by cultures the world over for centuries and the roles it has played in history, as he further discusses in his new book, The Immortal Game: A History of Chess.

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