Focus - May 26, 2011

State and Federal Pension Issues

With Jeffrey R. Brown, Ph.D. (Professor of Finance and the William G. Karnes Professor of Finance; Director of the Center for Business & Public Policy, University of Illinois)

Focus - May 25, 2011

Non Native Invasive Species in Illinois

With Reuben Keller, Ph.D. (the Henry Chandler Cowles Lecturer in Environment, Program on the Global Environment, University of Chicago), and Glenn Sandiford, Ph.D. ( Environmental Researcher and Writer)

Focus - May 24, 2011

Current Events in Syria

With Joshua M. Landis, Ph.D. (Director of the Center for Middle East Studies; Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, University of Oklahoma)

Focus - May 20, 2011

Personal Finance

With David Sinow, Ph.D., J.D. (Clinical Professor of Finance, College of Business; Director of the Office of Risk Management and Insurance Reseach, University of Illinois)

Focus - May 16, 2011

Home Care

With Scott Spies (Home Inspector, Spies Home Inspection)

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