Focus - May 24, 2012

The New Geography of Jobs

Economist Enrico Moretti says that today there are three Americas. At one extreme are those cities with a strong innovation sector; at the other, cities once dominated by traditional manufacturing in the middle are cities that could go either way. And where you live, as well as who you are, will determine how successful you will be in the economy of tomorrow. We explore "The New Geography of Jobs"  with Enrico Moretti from the University of California at Berkeley.

Focus - May 24, 2012

Interview with Homer Hickam, Writer and Former NASA Aerospace Engineer

Our guest is author and former NASA engineer Homer Hickam. Many people will know him for his autobiographical novel "Rocket Boys," the basis for the film “October Sky.” He has just published a novel for young adult readers. The book, "Crater," is the first in a projected trilogy that depicts the life of 22nd century miners living on the moon. It has been praised as a coming of age story, and for its vision of what life in a permanent moon settlement might be like.

Focus - May 23, 2012

Foot Care

The average person takes between eight and ten thousand steps every day. There are times when the pressure on your feet exceeds your body weight when you are running it can be three or four times your weight. It’s no surprise that…at some time in their lives seventy-five percent of Americans will experience foot health problems. If you’re feet are bothering you we may be able to help.  Our guest will be podiatrist Doctor Robert Born from Carle in Urbana.

Focus - May 23, 2012

Flagrant Conduct: the Story of Lawrence v. Texas: How a Bedroom Arrest Decriminalized Gay Americans

In 1998, two Houston men were arrested and charged with having sex…a violation of Texas law. Gay rights activists took up the case and when it was all over…the US Supreme Court had overturned the law…and similar laws in twelve other states.  That is the standard story of Lawrence v. Texas but there is much more to the story than that. Our guest will be Dale Carpenter professor of law at the University of Minnesota and author of Flagrant Conduct. The book presents some surprising features of the case including the willingness of the two men charged to admit to something they didn’t do in order to challenge an unjust law.

Focus - May 22, 2012

Net Smart: How to Thrive Online

Our guest will be Howard Rheingold. For many years he was been writing enthusiastically about the power of social media. But he says the media he has been using for three decades now do have their downsides and the way we use them does matter for us and society. His new book Net Smart is an argument for a kind  digital literacy. It presents a program for social media use that is intelligent, humane…and above all, mindful.

Focus - May 21, 2012

Women’s Health

The topic will be women’s health and our guest will be Doctor Suzanne Trupin. She is an obstetrician and gynecologist and is on the faculty of the University of Illinois College Of Medicine. Every other month, she stops by to talk about recent developments in her field and to answer your questions. On past programs we have covered a wide range of subjects everything from family planning and pregnancy to birthing and breast feeding to osteoporosis and  menopause.

Focus - May 21, 2012

Home Care and Maintenance

The topic will be home maintenance and our guest will be Scott Spies from the Spies Home Inspection Service. We feature this topic every month and invite your questions on everything from windows and siding to roofing and guttrs to attics and basements, just about anything that goes into the single-family home. If you’re thinking of making some changes or something needs to be repaired you are welcome to call.

Focus - May 18, 2012

Personal Finance

David Sinow is a clinical professor of Finance in the University Of Illinois College Of Business. He will have some advice on ways to tailor your investment strategies to meet your needs whether you are just starting to build wealth or you are close to retirement.

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