Kevin Waspi

Focus - February 15, 2013

Personal Finance

Starting to think about taxes? Planning for a child in college next fall? Worrying about retirement? Today on Focus, host Kimberlie Kranich talked with Kevin Waspi, a certified financial advisor and lecturer at the UIUC Collge of Business. Find the podcast here

Sasha Cagen

Focus - February 14, 2013

Quirky Alone: Single by Choice

Think Valentine’s Day is overrated? We’ve got an alternative. During this episode of Focus, host Craig Cohen talked with Sasha Cagen, the founder of the QuirkyAlone movement about why it’s okay to resist the idea that being single means being lonely. Find the podcast here

charles wheelan

Photo by The Lavin Agency

Focus - February 13, 2013

Naked Statistics

Are 65.4 percent of statistics made up on the spot? Today on Focus, Craig Cohen talked with author Charles Wheelan about his new book "Naked Statistics." Find the podcast here.

Ambassador Michael Collins

Focus - February 12, 2013

His Excellency Ambassador Michael Collins

What's it like to be an ambassador to the United States? During this episode of Focus, Craig Cohen talked with H.E. Ambassador Michael Collins, Irish Ambassador to the United States.

a clock

Photo by Wikimedia

Focus - February 11, 2013

Take Back Your Time: Maintaining Work/Life Balance

When was the last time you took a personal day? Do you have the vacation to take one if you wanted to? Today on Focus, we'll talk about work/life balance. Tune in at 10 a.m. and join our conversation. 

Nina Totenberg

Photo by Steve Barrett/NPR

Focus - February 08, 2013

Nina Totenberg and Nathan Wolfe

Did you know Nina Totenberg was run over by a speedboat on her honeymoon? Today on Focus, we'll talk with Nina about her life and career. Then, a conversation with Nathan Wolfe, the "Indiana Jones of vius hunting."

a piece of coal

Photo by Wikimedia

Focus - February 06, 2013

Clean Coal: Pipedream or Reality?

Is the term "clean coal" an oxymoron? Today on Focus we'll talk about clean coal technology, how it works and how's it's being used in Illinois. Do you  have questions about clean coal? Join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Photo by Wikimedia

Focus - February 05, 2013

Outside Influence

Does offering incentives like money or candy motivate kids to perform better in school? Is the new Illinois cigarette tax really helping to deter people from smoking? Today on Focus, we'll talk about what influences behavior....and what doesn't. Join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

fruits and vegetables

Wikimedia Commons

Focus - February 04, 2013

The Best Things You Can Eat

Is an apple or an orange the best source of vitamin c? Should you really feed fever and starve a cold? Or is it feed a cold and starve a fever? Today on Focus, registered dietitian David Grotto joins the program to answer your calls and questions about nutrition. We'll take questions on Facebook and Twitter too! 

John Ballentine

Focus - February 01, 2013

The Future of Space Travel

Guests: Michael Lopez-Alegria, Phillippe Geubelle, and Jonathan Card.

Ten years ago, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded on re-entry over Texas, killing seven astronauts; in the years that followed, state-funded space flight dwindled. Today on Focus, we'll talk the future of space exploration with a former astronaut, an aerospace engineer, and a businessman who want to make human settlements in space a reality. Join our conversation at 10 or on Facebook and Twitter

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