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February 20, 2014 - Focus

Flyover Lives

Do you have a sense of your own history? What stereotypes about the Midwest do you agree or disagree with? Today on Focus, Lisa Bralts talks with Diane Johnson about her new memoir “Flyover Lives.” 

University of Illinois Press

February 13, 2014 - Focus

The Negro in Illinois: The WPA Papers

After sifting through thousands of documents, Brian Dolinar finished a book started over 70 years ago. The work he helped to complete? "The Negro in Illinois: The WPA Papers."

David Stuart MacLean

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January 13, 2014 - Focus

The Answer to the Riddle is Me

Have you ever forgotten something? Can you imagine what it would be like to forget nearly every detail about your life? 

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December 12, 2013 - Focus

Winter Book Recommendations

What’s the best book you’ve read this winter? If someone asked you for a book recommendation for a holiday gift, what would you recommend?

Dave Isay

November 27, 2013 - Focus

Ties that Bind: Dave Isay on 10 Years of Storycorps

Dave Isay has spent more than the last decade of his career helping Americans collect stories for the public radio segment “StoryCorps.” During this Focus interview, host Jim Meadows talks with Isay about his new book “Ties that Bind.” 

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