Focus - December 18, 2012

A Disability History of the United States

An estimated one out of every five Americans has been diagnosed with one or more psychological or physical disabilities. That makes disabled Americans one of our largest minorities. And yet, most of our history books pay little notice to the role the disabled have played in our nation’s past. We’ll discuss the contributions of the disabled to our laws, policies, economics, popular culture, and collective identity, with Kim Nielsen, author of A Disability History of the United States.

Focus - March 02, 2009

How Community Organizations Result in Community Savings

With Lyn Jones (President and CEO, United Way of Champaign County), and , and Brenda Davis Koester (Coordinator of Programs at the Family Resiliency Center, University of Illinois), and Dale Morrissey (CEO of Developmental Services Center, Champaign)

Focus - May 17, 2007

Shattered Nerves: How Science is Solving Modern Medicine’s Most Perplexing Problem

Guest: Victor D. Chase.

Around the world there are countless people with neurological disorders that disrupt their ability to move or communicate. Injury or disease can create a gap between a functioning brain and the parts of the body meant to receive its signals. Today on Focus, we'll look at the effort to develop medical devices to bridge that gap with guest Victor D. Chase, author of Shattered Nerves.