Public Perceptions and the Safety of Biotechnology

Guest: Bruce Chassy.

Some people continue to worry about both the environmental impact and potential health effects of biotech foods. But are these crops really so different from those we've grown in the past? Will they help us meet the growing demand for food? Today on Focus, we're joined by Professor of Food Science Bruce Chassy to discuss the dafety of bioengineered crops.

Plague Time: How Health Infections Cause Cancers, Heart Disease, and Other Deadly Ailments

Guest: Paul Ewald.

Today on Focus, we'll talk to a challenger of the conventional knowledge that our genes and environments are the causes of most serious illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. Paul Ewald believes that these problems, among others—ulcers, miscarriages, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's—all come from infectious origins. He'll talk about what led him to this conclusion and his book Plague Time today on the show.