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What Should Be the Role of Police in Champaign-Urbana?


The widely viewed killing of George Floyd—an unarmed Black man, by a white police officer—sparked a global uprising against police brutality. Americans overwhelmingly support the nationwide protests since Mr. Floyd’s death and say police forces have not done enough to ensure that African-Americans and Latinos are treated equally to whites. All across the country, from small towns to large cities, police departments and policing practices are being scrutinized. According to a Washington Post-Schar poll from June 27, 69% of Americans believe Mr. Floyd’s killing represents an overall problem within law enforcement.  

headshot of Reginald Hardwick

Reginald Hardwick, WILL News & Public Affairs Director

Join Illinois Newsroom for "What Should Be the Role of Police in Champaign-Urbana?" a Facebook Live event on Thursday, July 23 at 8 pm. WILL News Director Reginald Hardwick will moderate a discussion with a panel of government, civic, and law enforcement leaders, which will include some questions and comments from the audience. Learn more about the participants of this moderated discussion below.



Anthony Cobb

Anthony Cobb, Chief of Police, Champaign


Naomi Park

Naomi Paik, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Diane Marlin

Diane Marlin, Mayor of Urbana


Tariq Khan

Tariq Khan, PhD Candidate in History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Deb Feinen

Deb Feinen, Mayor of Champaign


Dustin Heuerman

Dustin Heuerman, Champaign County Sheriff


Tatianna Ammons

Titianna Ammons, Activist


Evelyn Reynolds

Evelyn Reynolds, Associate Professor, Sociology, Parkland Community College


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