The American Dream

Looking at what it means to “make it” in the 21st century

Illinois Public Media joins 14 other public media stations across the country in helping to create conversations locally and build on conversations nationally about the American dream from diverse perspectives. Re:Dream is an immersive, digital-first project based out of KCPT that is looking at what it means to “make it” in the 21st century, including how people define “success” and prepare themselves to reach it.

At the heart of the Re:Dream project is forty micro-documentaries (4- to 7-minutes) from five different cities, telling the stories of individuals as they prepare for success, meet obstacles, and pursue, in all its various definitions and nuances, the American dream.

You can join the local conversations around these topics and micro-documentaries (posting a new video daily) on both Facebook @WILLRadioTVOnline and Twitter @WILLpublicmedia. You can also read more about the project as well as interact with it through posting your own dreams on the project’s website.

By sharing the hopes and struggles of everyday U.S. residents, Re:Dream hopes to find out what opportunities they feel they have access to and if issues of identity -- including race, gender, geography, sexuality -- impact their ability to grasp those opportunities.

Illinois Public Media will explore the experiences of individuals within our community through both social media and community engagement events. The 21st will extend the conversation throughout Illinois in April via special broadcasts around relevant themes, and Niala Boodhoo will facilitate two community engagement events in the month of May: one in Danville and the other in Rantoul. Make sure to follow The 21st on Facebook @The21stShow and Twitter @21stShow for further updates and conversations around Re:Dream.