Mid-American Gardener Roadshow

Bring your gardening questions to Urbana’s Market at the Square on July 29

Lisa Bralts

The panelists from WILL-TV's Mid-American Gardener love answering your questions each Thursday night. Now they’ll answer your questions live and in person at Urbana’s Market at the Square near downtown Urbana!

Maybe you are new to gardening? Or maybe you need a little guidance with your green thumb? Everyone is welcome at this Mid-American Gardener “Roadshow” on July 29 from 9-11 am. Bring a flower, a branch, a plant, or simply photos and get your Zone 5B hardiness answers, advice, tricks, and tips live and in-person.

Rusty Maulding, Kay Carnes, Jim Appleby, and Jennifer Nelson will be on hand to handle your gardening questions all morning. We would love to see you!

What: Mid-American Gardener "Roadshow"

Where: Urbana’s Market at the Square, near downtown Urbana

When: Saturday, July 29, from 9-11 am

Facebook event page is here.