Take action today

Encourage Congress to support funding for public media 


The President has released his full budget to Congress, which recommends eliminating public media funding. Federal funding ensures that local public radio and TV stations like WILL/Illinois Public Media can continue to give you access to essential educational, local, and cultural programming; trustworthy, in-depth news; and emergency and community-based services. Find more resources at Value PBS and Protect My Public Media.

Here are just a few of the ways Illinois Public Media has worked diligently to enrich the lives of those in central Illinois through the power of public media.

Photo Credit: Michael Thomas
Photo Credit: Michael Thomas

Here are few things you can do today to keep public media strong.


Your lawmakers are on social media! Tell them that public media funding matters to your community. It’s also very powerful to hear the individual impact local public media can have on the community and its families. Share why WILL/Illinois Public Media is so important to you using #ProtectMyPublicMedia and #SaveOurStations. You can also easily connect with Illinois Public Media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Call your lawmakers

Phone calls to their DC offices are most effective, and we have provided talking points below. Here are the phone numbers for three representatives in our listening area:

Rep. Rodney Davis in DC: 202-225-2371
Rep. Rodney Davis in Champaign: 217-403-4690
Rep. John Shimkus in DC: 202-225-5271
Rep. John Shimkus in Danville: 217-446-0664
Rep. John Shimkus in Effingham: 217-347-7947
Rep. Darin LaHood in Bloomington: 309-205-9556
Rep. Darin LaHood in DC: 202-225-6201

Photo Credit: Michael Thomas

If your representative is not listed here, you can search for their name and contact information using your address here

Email your lawmakers

Fill out your information and select ‘Email Your Lawmaker’ very easily here. Your lawmakers will receive an email containing a message urging them to support continued public media funding. 

Photo Credit: Michael Thomas

Tell your friends

Spread the word, and enlist fellow public media supporters to join the effort. The more voices we have, the stronger we are. Ask your friends to join the Protect My Public Media Action Network easily by sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and email here

Talking points

  • On behalf of WILL, which serves central Illinois, I am reaching out today because I am deeply troubled by the President’s budget blueprint that proposes eliminating all federal funding for public media.
  • Federal funding is the seed money that makes all WILL’s work in unparalleled educational content and services, life-saving public safety initiatives and dedication to civic leadership possible.
  • Nearly 80% of federal funding for Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) goes directly to local stations for their work in addressing the unique needs of the communities you serve.
  • This funding, which is only 0.01% of the federal budget, ensures universal access to these essential services, including in rural and remote areas where commercial broadcast operations are not economically viable.
  • WILL uses this funding to create local programming like The 21st — the daily talk show about issues that matter across the state — Illinois Pioneers, Mid-American Gardener, televised and radio broadcast debates of local and regional candidates, and local documentaries like Ebertfest: Center of the Universe and Barns: An Illinois Story. These are services that no one else is providing our community.