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November 15, 2017

Doors open at 9:30am. The noon meal is included. Parking is free in the deck next to the Marriott. There are a large number of vendors available for you to talk with prior to and during the breaks. Come and check out the whole of the event.

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Farm Assets Conference
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
201 Broadway Avenue Normal, Illinois 61761

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  * exploring the legislative landscape in Washington, D.C.
We'll explore the farm bill, agricultural trade and regulation with hill staffers, lobbyists, and a University xof Illinois academic. Your questions are encouraged and this will be a great way to talk with those working behind the scenes in Washington, D.C. Our guest panelists will include Trevor Reuschel Legislative Director for Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, Tara Smith VP of Federal Affairs, at Michael Torrey & Associates, and Craig Gundersen University of Illinois Agricultural Economist.

  with Eric Snodgrass, Agrible
Eric Snodgrass is a co-founder of Agrible and a professor at the University of Illinois. His research and ability to translate it into usable information for farmers and agricultural interest will highlight South American weather conditions, the potential for its first and second crop harvest, and a peek into the 2018 Midwest growing season.

  * reviewing two years of data on real-world conservation practices
The U of I's Gary Schnitkey and Dale Lattz have been studying about 50,000 acres in Illinois and how the real-life things farmers do on them pay. The two put economic values on things like cover crops, no-till, an extra tillage pass on soybean acres, and benchmarked them to productions practices. They'll be joined by Laura Gentry, ICGA and Randy Stauffer, Precision Conservation Management Coordinator to discuss the current findings and how to enroll in the study.

  * WILLAg Market Outlook Panels on Corn and Soybeans
The markets always offer opportunities. It is just a matter off finding them. We'll explore how producers should consider marketing this year's crop in a low value market with seven commodity analysts including Matt Bennett - Bennett Consulting Channel Seeds, Bill Gentry - Risk Management Commodities, Jim McCormick - Allendale, Curt Kimmel - Bates Commodities, Joe Vaclavik - Standard Grain, Chip Nellinger - Blue Reef Agri-Marketing,  and Todd Hubbs, Commodity Markets Specialist - University of Illinois.

  * with Bruce Sherrick, TIAA | Center for Farmland Research
Farm sales this fall have varied across the state, but remain surprisingly strong. This is in part because buyers didn't actually build in all of the potential market value during the height of commodity prices. Bruce Sherrick from the University of Illinois will explore the stabilization this has allowed, and how much more pressure the land market might be able to withstand.

8:00 am | Illinois Corn Growers Association Annual Meeting
9:30 am | Farm Assets Registration Desk Opens

10:30am | Farm Bill, Crop Insurance, Trade, and Ag Legislation    
  - Trevor Reuschel, Legislative Director, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos
  - Tara Smith, VP of Federal Affairs, Michael Torrey & Associates
  - Craig Gundersen, Agricultural Economist - University of Illinois

11:30am | WILLAg Soybean Panel
- Curt Kimmel, Bates Commodities - Normal, Illinois  
- Joe Vaclavik, Standard Grain - Chicago, Illinois  
- Chip Nellinger, Blue Reef Agri-Marketing - Morton, Illinois
- Todd Hubbs, Commodity Markets Specialist - University of Illinois

Noon | Lunch

1:00pm | Weather  
- Eric Snodgrass, Agrible Inc

1:30pm | Farmland Still Holding Value  
- Bruce Sherrick, TIAA Center for Farmland Research - University of Illinois  

2:00pm | Break  

2:20pm | Marrying Conservation and Economics  
- Laura Gentry, Director of Water Quality - Illinois Corn Growers Association 
- Dale Lattz, farmdoc Research Specialist - University of Illinois
- Gary Schnitkey, Agricultural Economist - University of Illinois
- Randy Stauffer, Precision Conservation Management Coordinator

3:10pm | WILLAg Corn Panel  
- Matt Bennett, Bennett Consulting Channel Seeds - Windsor, Illinois  
- Bill Gentry, Risk Management Commodities - Lafayette, Indiana  
- Jim McCormick, Allendale - McHenry, Illinois
- Todd Hubbs, Commodity Markets Specialist - University of Illinois

4:00pm | Conservation Survey via the Illinois Nature Conservancy & Illinois Soybean Association