A man in a studio with a bunch of vinyl records.

Photo by Mike Thomas

June 23, 2017

John Frayne’s News-Gazette column

Each week, John Frayne shares his love for classical music and opera with you on WILL-FM. Did you know he also shares his knowledge via the News-Gazette?

Frederick Delius, aged 45, photographed in 1907

By Unidentified - "Fritz Delius, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

March 02, 2019

The spell of Delius’ music

The great conductor Sir Thomas Beecham was a great admirer, in fact.

Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra at the March 2, 1916 American premiere of Mahler's 8th Symphony.

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

February 23, 2019

Post-war German composers

There seemed to be three possible roles to play between 1933 and 1945: hero, victim, or émigré.

Franz Schubert

By Josef Kriehuber - http://www.portraitindex.de/documents/obj/oai:baa.onb.at:3497513, Public Domain.

February 16, 2019

Franz Schubert

Learn how his piano music was turned into a symphony.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

February 09, 2019

Great cellists

Enjoy a sampling of the playing of famous cellists of the 20th century.

piano in recording studio

By Archives of the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle – CC via Wikimedia Commons

February 02, 2019

The Baroque Revival

There was an enormous uptick in the recording of Baroque music in the 1950s.

Marcella de Girolami and Carlo Maria Giulini in the Netherlands in 1965.

By Kroon, Ron / Anefo - Dutch National Archives, CC via Wikimedia Commons

January 26, 2019

Carlo Maria Giulini

Often described as “tall, handsome, suave, and intensely musical.”

Myra Hess

By Carl Van Vechten - Van Vechten Collection at Library of Congress, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

January 19, 2019

Dame Myra Hess

One of England’s most famous pianists from the 1920s to the 1950s.

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