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November 20, 2017

Mahler’s “8th Symphony” is featured on the “New York Philharmonic This Week”, tonight at 7:00

"I have never written anything like it (...) Nor, perhaps, have I ever worked under such a sense of inner compulsion; it was like a sudden vision - all at once the whole thing stood before my eyes and all I had to do was write it down, as though it had been dictated to me." - Mahler on his 8th Symphony*

Portrait of a man from 1889
By C. Brasch, Berlin -, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
November 17, 2017

Second to None

Tune in for this bold, beautiful, and beguiling program of three “B’s”.

William Shakespeare 1609
By Unknown - The Washington Times, Public Domain,
November 18, 2017


The Opera Southwest Ensemble performs this opera based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 

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