March 08, 2004

Going to the Moon with the Apollo Project

Guest: John Logsdon.

Today on Focus we'll talk about the future of America's space program with expert John Logsdon. He supports further Moon and Mars missions and says that while the technical problems are significant, the Mars project would be a compelling mission that would attract high-quality scientists to NASA, and finally allow the organization to concentrate some of the world's greatest minds on a single exciting task.

March 04, 2004

At Home in the Universe

Guest: Stuart Kauffman.

Our guest today on Focus has become well known for arguing that the laws of complexity in science generate much of the order in the natural world. He says that in his studies of philosophy, medicine, and biology, it is often the most complex and apparently random systems that show spontaneous order. It's a factor at least as important as Darwinian natural selection in producing the life we see all around us. Physician and science writer Stuart Kauffman joins us today to discuss this and more.

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