September 09, 2004

DUI (Driving Under The Influence)

With Deputy J.R. Meeker (Champaign County Sheriff's Department, and the Police Training Institute, University of Illinois), and Susan McKinney (Executive Director for MADD Illinois), and J. Steven Beckett, JD (Beckett & Webber, PC, Urbana)

September 08, 2004

The Pilates System

With Romana Kryzanowska (protégé and heir of Joseph Pilates, international Pilates teacher), and Janice Dulak (dancer, certified Pilates teacher and owner of The Pilates Center in Champaign)

September 08, 2004

Recovered Memory

Guest: Elizabeth Loftus.

Recent studies have shown that it's possible to make people believe they have had experiences they didn't have. They can also be led to believe that these experiences were extremely traumatic—or they would have been, if they had happened. Today on Focus, we're joined by well-known memory researcher Elizabeth Loftus from the University of California at Irvine. We'll talk about her work and review some of the controversy over recovered memories.

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