a photo of a hospital
Lindsey Moon/WILL
May 16, 2013

Who Decides the Price of Health Care?

We all need health care, but we don’t “consume” health care in the same way we consume anything else. How does that affect how much we pay for it? This hour on Focus, we talk about hospitals, health insurers and who decides how much to charge.

graphic textbook cover
Photo Courtesy of Reading with Pictures
May 15, 2013

Reading with Pictures

Do you love comics? Have you ever learned anything from one? This hour on Focus, we talk about reading with pictures and how comics can help kids learn. 

Katie Nolan is pictured on the far left with campers at Camp Peairs near Bloomington.
Photo Courtesy of Katie Nolan
May 13, 2013

The Case for Summer Camp

What’s your favorite memory from summer camp as a kid? Do those memories influence how you feel about sending your kids there? This hour on Focus, we’ll talk about the psychology of summer camp.

Wikimedia Commons
May 10, 2013

Preparing Your Lawn, Growing Your Garden

It’s time to get out your lawn mower. Congratulations or sincerest apologies depending on your views when it comes to yard work. This hour on Focus, Sandy Mason joins us to answer your lawn and garden questions. Tom Voigt, a lawn care specialist, will also be here.

Photo Courtesy of Baby TALK
May 09, 2013

Let’s TALK Kids

This hour on Focus, we’re going to T.A.L.K. about kids with Baby TALK Founding Executive Director Claudia Quigg about the Baby TALK model, her organization and her new book. 

Wikimedia Commons
May 08, 2013

Colony Collapse Disorder

Before 2006, scientists referred to colony collapse disorder as autumn collapse or spring dwindle, it was normal for a hive or two to die. But as bees have started disappearing en masse, there’s been more and more research into what’s really happening. This hour on Focus, we’ll talk with entomologist May Berenbaum about new findings that help scientists understand why bee colonies worldwide are collapsing.

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