August 25, 2004

Bad for Us: The Lure of Self-Harm

Guest: John Portman.

Why do so many people do things that are clearly against their best interests? John Portman, author of Bad for Us, says that both self-control and losing control can be acts of self-definition. He says that in doing something that society regards as bad for us, we are testing the limits of who we are. Today on Focus, Portman joins us to discuss how and why people can be their own worst enemies.

September 26, 2003


Carrie McLaren, curator of Illegal Art exhibition and editor/publisher of Stay Free! Magazine; and Siva Vaidhyanathan [vod hee uh noth en], assistant professor of culture and communications, New York University, and author of COPYRIGHTS AND COPYWRONGS

Host: Jack Brighton

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