March 01, 2001

Cracking the Genome: Inside the Race to Unlock Human DNA

Guest: Kevin Davies.

Today on Focus, we'll look at the people and technology involved in the effort to decode human DNA. The quest became a race between a private venture and a government-sponsored team—but now the leaders have jointly announced that the code has been cracked. But many questions remain unanswered, and today's guest on Focus will try to tackle some of them. Kevin Davies is the founding editor of Nature Genetics and author of Cracking the Genome.

February 13, 2001

A General Theory of Love

Guest: Thomas Lewis, MD.

What causes us to bond, to feel connected, with another human? Today's guest on Focus will explain how relationships actually change brain chemistry from early childhood on, in effect establishing us as individuals. Professor of psychiatry Thomas Lewis joins the show to discuss how nurture works alongside nature.

January 31, 2001

University/Corporate Relations and their Effect on Biotechnology Research

Guest: Michael Hansen.

Today on Focus we'll look at the ways in which relations between corporations and universities have affected biotechnology research. The increasing attention paid to profitability in academic work, says Michael Hanson, has driven research in directions with high expected returns—and led it away from areas that might contribute to the greater good. He joins us today to explain how biotechnology has developed an emphasis on genetic engineering—profit—over agricultural ecology.

January 22, 2001

Laughter: A Scientific Investigation

Guest: Robert Provine.

Is laughing really contagious? Is it good for you? Today on Focus, we'll investigate the science of laughter with expert Robert Provine. He'll talk about its evolution, its neural mechanisms, its health benefits, its contagiousness, and its role in social relationships.

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