May 31, 2001

Future Perfect: Confronting Decisions about Genetics

Guest: Lori B. Andrews.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of genetic testing? Who should have access to your personal genetic information? How do we decide which genetic therapies should be made available? Today on Focus, we're joined by top genetics lawyer Lori Andrews to tackle these questions and talk about her new book, Future Perfect.

May 25, 2001

Update on Ballistic Missile Defense

Guest: Julian Palmore.

Earlier this month, President Bush announced plans for a national missile defense system. The idea has drawn criticism from governments around the world as well as the arms control community, who fear that this system will set off a new arms race. Today on Focus we're joined by professor of mathematics Julian Palmore to review plans for a ballistic missile defense.

May 04, 2001

The Book of Life: A Personal Guide to Race, Normality, and the Implications of Human Genome Project

Guest: Barbara Katz Rothman.

Genetics, says sociologist Barbara Katz Rothman, isn't just a science. It's a way of thinking, an ideology. She joins us today on Focus to discuss some of the controversial topics at the forefront of the field and how she addresses them in her recent book The Book of Life: A Personal Guide to Race, Normality, and the Implications of the Human Genome Project.

April 05, 2001

The Secret History of Public Key Cryptography

Guests: Nigel Boston and Simon Singh.

Public key crypography is a system for maintaining privacy in communications that has allowed the information age to flower. Until recently, the true story of its invention was kept secret by the British government. Today on Focus, we're joined by journalist Simon Singh and expert Nigel Boston to hear the full story.

March 12, 2001

The Quest for Immortality: Science at the Frontiers of Aging

Guests: S. Jay Olshansky and Bruce Carnes.

At the start of the last century, the average life span was just 45 years. Today the average for women is 79 and for men 72. What brought about this change? Can we expect even greater gains in human longevity? Today on Focus, we'll talk with researchers S. Jay Olshansky and Bruce Carnes on how to live as long as possible.

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