March 03, 2011

The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear

Guest: Seth Mnookin.

How do we decide which facts are true? One of the most devastating health scares ever, the theory that linked routine childhood vaccines to autism spectrum disorder, has been circulating since 1998. In The Panic Virus, author Seth Mnookin interviews parents, scientists, and activists to try to answer that single fundamental question. He'll talk about his findings and more today on Focus.

March 02, 2011

Never Say Die: Myth and Marketing of the New Old Age

Guest: Susan Jacoby.

Is it really possible to stay "forever young"? Susan Jacoby, author of Never Say Die, doesn't hesitate to challenge this theory—and in fact warns her readers that her viewpoints may seem overly negative to some. When she joins us on Focus today, she'll talk about recent spikes in Alzheimer's cases, Social Security benefit cuts, and the question of whether it is truly living longer that we seek... or simply living better.

February 16, 2011

Long for This World: The Strange Science of Immortality

Guest: Jonathan Weiner.

In the twentieth century alone, the human life expectancy has increased by more than thirty years. Some scientists believe that it's time for the next big leap—this time into complete immortality. Today on Focus, science writer Jonathan Weiner joins the show to explain some of the science behind this heart-pounding research and the dramatic tale of how aging may be conquered once and for all—even in this lifetime.

February 11, 2011

Stress Less: The New Science That Shows Women How to Rejuvenate the Body and the Mind

Guest: Thea Singer.

When we poke and prod at our gray hairs and wrinkles, we don't normally think of stress as being their cause. In fact, says science journalist Thea Singer, the true culprit may not just be the wear and tear of age, but chronic stress. Today on Focus, she'll explain some of the research that led her to these findings, and offer tips on recognizing and treating stress.

February 07, 2011

The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics: A Math-Free Exploration of the Science That Made Our World

Guest: James Kakalios, Ph.D.

We may once have predicted jetpacks and flying cars to be the amazing inventions of the "future," but some of the technology we have today is just as marvel-worthy, from laptop computers to MRI machines. Today on Focus, professor of physics James Kakalios joins the show to explain how the development of quantum mechanics was essential to the creation of some of today's high-tech inventions.

November 05, 2010

Kingdom Under Glass

Guest: Jay Kirk.

Today on Focus, we'll discuss the life of legendary explorer and taxidermist Carl Akeley, who was a revolutionary in the field of environmental conservation. Author Jay Kirk joins the show to talk about his biography of Akeley, Kingdom Under Glass, which details the explorer's dangerous escapades in Africa as he hunted animals for his dioramas.

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