April 09, 2004

Why Undergraduate College Students Leave the Sciences

Guest: Elaine Seymour.

Between 40 and 60 percent of students entering college planning to major in science, math, or engineering end up switching to other majors before graduation. Sociologist Elaine Seymour surveyed hundreds of students in an effort to find out why so many initally motivated undergraduates abandon science and engineering majors early in their college careers. She joins us on Focus today from the University of Colorado to share her findings.

April 02, 2004

The Mind at Night: The New Science of How and Why We Dream

Guest: Andrea Rock.

Humans have long been captivated by dreams. Why do they occur? Why do we only remember fractions of them? Why do they induce such intense emotions? Today on Focus, we'll be joined by Andrea Rock, author of The Mind at Night. She'll talk about the questions that scientists are trying to answer in this new field, a fascinating combination of psychology and neuroscience.

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