A Moment of Science on WILL-AM 580

1:58 pm weekdays and 6:57 am Saturdays: New short segments answer questions about science.

We've all hit our "funny bone." Why does it feel like that? What do bicycles, footballs and space shuttles have in common? Can you really learn while you are asleep? Why do some birds hop and others walk?

These and literally thousands of other questions about the world we live in are answered in A Moment of Science, which joined the WILL-AM schedule June 3, replacing Earth/Sky at 1:58 pm weekdays and at 6:57 am Saturdays.

The program's two-minute vignettes remove some of the mystery from science, but not the wonder. Produced at Indiana University in cooperation with IU's scientific community and scientists around the world, A Moment of Science covers a variety of topics with the goal of making them interesting enough to share. The program is co-hosted by Don Glass and Yael Ksander.

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