WILL Digital Radio

Got a digital radio? WILL Radio’s digital radio service provides three streams of content. Get all the details and enjoy more!

FM 90.9’s digital service provides three streams of content: 

  • FM 90.9 HD1 airs a simulcast of the FM music service
  • FM 90.9 HD2 airs a 24-hour music service, including programming from the C-24 classical music service and WILL-FM’s locally produced programs
  • HD3 airs the news and information service, also available on AM 580.

To tune to the new service on your digital radio, tune to FM 90.9. After a brief delay, the radio will pull in the WILL FM 90.9 HD1 signal. If you want to listen to the 24-hour music service, dial the radio up to HD2. For the news and information service, dial up to HD3. See Our Digital Radio Fact Sheet.

Hear a clearer, more reliable sound of music from 90.9

Get AM 580’s news and information 24 hours a day in Mahomet, Monticello, Decatur and even further west. Digital radio dramatically improves reception and sound quality. Within WILL-FM’s primary service area the digital signal will not be subject to interference or fading caused by buildings and other radio signals. And the background hiss heard in communities farther away from our Monticello-based transmitter (including Champaign and Urbana) is gone. The digital radio installation was funded with a $75,000 federal grant, a major gift from Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) and generous gifts from a number of Friends of WILL.