August 15, 2009

The Miller Legacy Chorus and Soloists

William Miller taught voice at the University of Illinois School of Music from the 1940s to 1975 and continued to teach long after his retirement, with many loyal-and a few illustrious-former students. On Sunday the Miller Legacy Chorus and Soloists will give a concert in his memory, and we'll have a couple of notable members of that group on Friday's "Live and Local.

August 13, 2009

The Barbershop Quartet Four on the Floor

According to the Barbershop Harmony Society, barbershop harmony creates "a rich and satisfying texture that is pleasing to the ears and invigorating to the soul." For some it's a hobby; for others, it's a passion. On Wednesday's "Live and Local," my guests will be four gentlemen for whom barbershopping is clearly a passion: a quartet from Danville called Four on the Floor.

August 11, 2009

Chris Reyman Jazz Trio

The Chris Reyman Jazz Trio consists of Chris Reyman on piano, Mark O'Connor on tenor sax and Chris Nolte on bass. All are in the doctoral program in jazz studies at the University of Illinois, and they perform live in our Studio F on today's "Live and Local.

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