May 30, 2018

Researchers Seeks Community’s Help In Finding Solutions For Maternal Depression

Up to 20 percent of women experience perinatal depression, which occurs during pregnancy or after giving birth. Karen Tabb, social work professor at the University of Illinois, studies factors that put women at risk of perinatal depression, which is associated with worse outcomes for both mom and baby.

Peoria launched its 'Don't Shoot' initiative with a graphic billboard campaign.

Peoria Public Radio

May 18, 2018

How To Stop Gun Violence? Just Ask

Conversations around gun violence often revolve around long-term solutions, like improving schools or the local economy. But even if those things were easy — and they’re not — it would take a generation to realize the benefits.

A sign that reads "School of Information Science."

University of Illinois

April 26, 2018

School of Information Science To Host Discussion Series on Racism

An event this weekend will explore issues of race and representation at the University of Illinois’ School of Information Science. Alumni of color from the I-School will share their personal experiences with racism, both as students and professionals.

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