Quantum Voyages theater piece
Courtesy of Smitha Vishveshwara
March 30, 2018

New Theater Piece Provides A Glimpse Into The Quantum World

The interdisciplinary theater piece "Quantum Voyages" takes audience members on a journey to strange atomic landscapes. The performance debuts today as part of the 80th birthday celebration of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Anthony Leggett.

A study tries to understand how much intensive agriculture has contributed to climate change in the Midwest.
Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media (file)
February 19, 2018

Study: Intensive Agriculture Drives Midwest Climate Changes

As agriculture intensified in the 20th century, summers in the Midwest became wetter and cooler. Researchers at MIT, in a study published this month, looked at whether vegetation from crop production, rather than the greenhouse gas emissions that are an established source of climate changes, could have driven these regional impacts.

sexual harassment training
Flickr/David Recordon (CC BY-SA 2.0)
February 14, 2018

Sexual Harassment Researcher: Most Workplace Training Falls Short

The “Me Too” movement brought attention to the issue of sexual harassment in entertainment, but the problem manifests itself in the sciences as well. U of I anthropologist Kate Clancy studies sexual harassment in the sciences and says most university training programs are not effective because they're not based on research.

Lucy is a former research dog.
Laura and Scott Knudsen
January 31, 2018

Rescue Beagles: A Life Away From The Lab

Many research labs across the country use animals for testing products such as make-up or medicines. For the past decade, advocates have pushed to get more of these animals — especially research dogs — adopted after they are no longer needed. Just a handful of states have policies in place. Illinois just recently joined that list.

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