dialysis patient
Jake Harper/Side Effects Public Media
May 24, 2018

Another Cause of Doctor Burnout? Being Forced To Give Immigrants Unequal Care

There are an estimated 6,500 undocumented immigrants in the U.S. who suffer from kidney failure, but many of these people will continue to get worse because they’re not eligible for government insurance. A new study finds treating these patients can take a toll on doctors, too.

Teresa Crawford/AP
May 23, 2018

Update on Illinois Men Accused of Bombing; Evictions in Decatur; Illinois Politics Update

On The 21st: In Illinois, 1.58 percent of renters were evicted in 2016. But in Decatur, the rate is double that. What's behind this trend? Plus, we get our weekly Illinois politics update from Brian Mackey. But first, we give you an update on the case of three central Illinois men accused of bombing a Minnesota mosque last summer who are now facing new federal charges.

Sarah Powers-Barnhard (left) and Julie Romias (center) testify at the Senate hearing.
Blueroom Stream
May 23, 2018

Illinois Senate Tackles Sexual Assault In Youth Sports

More than 260 girls and young women came forward to tell their stories of sexual assault by former USA Olympic doctor Larry Nassar, who is currently serving multiple prison sentences for the abuse. The trial resulted in more than a prison sentence and settlement money for victims. It shined a light on the mishandling of sexual assault reports by young athletes. And last week, Illinois took center stage in this national issue.

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