104th House District Candidates Don’t Expect State Party Donations to Play a Role

July 20, 2010

Both candidates running to replace Bill Black in the Illinois House say they can't be concerned with whether their state party will provide some campaign money.

Black, a Danville Republican, is retiring after nearly 25 years. With Tuesday's deadline to disclose campaign donations passed, Republican Chad Hays of Catlin holds a clear edge in fundraising. The city's former mayor says his grassroots campaign has included a lot of contributions of $100 or less, which is why disclosure reports show he's collected more than $12,000 in non-itemized donations. Hays says his campaign has seen a large response throughout the 104th House District. "We're going to continue to be very assertive in our fundraising efforts to match that with our plan to run a very effective campaign clear to November," said Hays. "So as it relates to any party money, it that remains to be seen in terms of need."

Hays' campaign fund still has more than $50,000... while that of Michael Puhr has about $3,000 left. The Danville Democrat and city alderman admits he hasn't held many fundraisers, saying running against Hays is somewhat like campaigning against an incumbent. But Puhr says a lot of things can change... calling himself an 'independent Democrat' who plans to spend a lot of time knocking on doors. "I believe the best way to win a race is to go out and meet the people," said Puhr. "And that's one thing I've been doing.. a minimum of 5 to 6 events in any particular weekend, and numerous other contacts and things, so money doesn't buy a race." And Puhr says he's not thrilled of the prospect of receiving state money, saying he doesn't want to serve as the Democratic Party's mouthpiece.

Story source: AP