Chad Hays Sworn Into Il. Legislature

December 22, 2010

Chad Hays was sworn in Wednesday afternoon as Illinois' newest state representative from the 104th House District.

Hays replaced Bill Black who held the seat for about a quarter of a century. Hays said he hopes his experience managing a city budget as a former mayor of Catlin will help the state overcome one of its biggest obstacles - paying its bills to businesses and organizations that are on the verge of bankruptcy.

"It's a very proud and humbling moment for me, and I look forward to serving," Hays said. "I really do consider it a privilege and an honor to hold, at least for a while, the people's seat."

Hays currently serves as vice-president of development for Provena United Samaritans Medical Center, and said he will step down from that post on Thursday, Dec. 30 to focus on his duties in the General Assembly.

Black's days in the state legislature may be over, but he is still hoping for another chance to serve in public office as a member of the Danville City Council.

"I like the fact that I'll be active," Black said. "Certainly being on the city council is much more of a part time job than a state legislator is, and I kind of look forward to that change."

Black's opponent in the April election is Ward 7 Alderman Ron Candido, who has served on the council for more than seven years. Black said he put his hat into the race after hearing rumors that Candido would not seek re-election. Candido said he is puzzled that Black's name will be on the ballot

"I think I'm more in touch with the local issues," Candido said. "He was going to run for mayor, and now he's not going to run for mayor. He was going to run for the House of Representatives, and then he's not going to run. I mean it's just back and forth. So, I really don't know where he's coming from.

Story source: WILL