Chamapign Co. Sheriff Candidate Decides on a Write-In Campaign

July 28, 2010

Despite an unsuccessful drive to get his name on the ballot, a candidate for Champaign County Sheriff is confident he can still win the post through a write-in campaign.

Jerommie Smith kicked off his long-shot campaign this week - last month, the county electoral board rejected his petition drive to fill an independent slot on the November ballot, claiming many of the names were not from registered voters. Smith believes there are factors that give him a fighting chance at an upset.

"We look at the number of people who were looking for a choice with those who signed the petition as well as the undervotes (for sheriff) in the last two elections, and we decided that we're in a pretty good position to make a good run at it, especially with all the work we've done and all the people who had supported us," Smith said.

Smith is trying to unseat Sheriff Dan Walsh, who has won two previous terms. He's a former sheriff's deputy who now owns a fitness club in Urbana.

Story source: AP