Citigroup Closes Danville Call Center; 120 Jobs Cut

July 17, 2013

Citigroup has announced it’s closing a call center in Danville, cutting 120 jobs.

Spokesman Mark Rodgers said the facility is no longer needed due to a decline in the demand for refinancing.

But Vermilion Advantage CEO Vicki Haugen said she wasn’t even aware the call center was there, in a building on Vorhees Street owned by Genpact.  She said the company never reached out to her.

But Haugen said those employees should be optimistic about finding new jobs.

“I don’t anticipate that they’re going to have a difficult time find re-employment certainly because Genpact and Walgreens and some of the other back offices that use these skills are constantly looking for those types of individuals," she said.

Haugen says the Citibank closing will have no impact on Danville’s overall employment picture. 

She said a report with ‘very strong’ numbers on the city’s economic outlook is due out late this week. 

The Citigroup facility is expected to close by September.

Story source: WILL