Danville Businessman Quick Staying in Mayor’s Race

March 09, 2011

A candidate for Danville mayor said he has no intention of dropping his campaign following a discussion with an opponent.

David Quick said he was offered help paying for his campaign if he would abandon his own and join Jim McMahon's effort. Quick said he was offered $28,000 dollars in campaign funds. And Quick said a job offer from McMahon was for an unspecified position within the city or Vermilion County.

Quick said he is not sure what impact their brief discussion will have on the race.

"(McMahon) is now saying he was extending an offer to join the first place with the last place, wanting to combine the funds," Quick said. "People have to make up their own decision. They have to make up their own minds. It was a tough decision to make the decision to come forward, but I owe it to myself and I owe it to the people supporting me to let them know what was said."

McMahon said he made a 'business decision' when making the offer to Quick to merge campaigns, but denies offering him a job. Another mayoral candidate, Danville Alderman Rickey Williams Jr., has said he was offered the position of Vermilion County treasurer through a McMahon supporter.

McMahon denies it, saying he considers that notion 'ridiculous' since current treasurer Sue Stine was re-elected and does a good job.

The three candidates for mayor face incumbent Scott Eisenhauer on April 5th.

Story source: WILL