Danville Committee Looks at Revising Animal Control Policy

August 06, 2012

A special regulatory committee in Danville meets Monday night to discuss ways animal control can be improved in the city.

The city pays the Danville Humane Society to oversee animal control. But that could change based on the committee's recommendations, which may include shifting animal control duties to city staff or consolidating existing operations with the county.

Alderman and committee member Rickey Williams, Jr. said Danville should stop relying on the local Humane Society to take care of animals.

"When we talk about humane society, we're supposed to be helping and taking care of animals," Williams said. "That's not what's happening now."

Williams said he has heard from people who allege the humane society has abused and neglected animals. Humane Society Board President Pete Lary dismisses those claims.

"We've got a proven track record," Lary said. "We have provided service without an increase in funding for all these years, and we do do a good job with the cards that we're dealt."

Danville pays the Humane Society $78,000 a year for various services, including animal control.

Whatever course the city takes, Mayor Scott Eisenhauer said more money needs to be invested in animal care.

"We have done a great disservice to the Danville Humane Society in the amount of money we have funded them in the past," Eisenhauer said. "I have no doubt that given the proper resources; they could certainly be much closer to what we want, but shame on us for the way we have completely underfunded that organization."

The Animal Regulatory Enforcement Committee meets Monday at 7pm at Danville's Municipal Building.

Story source: WILL